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Balistraat 140
1094 JW Amsterdam

+31 (0) 20 - 331 7373


  • Relocation-Amsterdam really took the time to discover our specific needs, they listened well and were genuinely interested in our situation. They were able to establish a high degree of trust in a short amount of time.

    Marc Vromen - Retail Marketing Manager - Adidas
  • Moving and settling in a new city is never easy but Relocation-Amsterdam made that process very easy by locating and providing excellent accommodation which was tailored to my needs and very central in the city.

    Brian McHugh - HSE Manager - FLUOR
  • Desiree is a very professional person. Very kind person and pays attention to the details. She does not want to sell you something which is not good, just to rent it.. I was really happy to have her as my Agent in the Netherlands, Thank you Desiree!

    Ildikó Mézáros - Business Solution Analist - ADM
  • Personally, I always have very high expectations and standards for services I am paying for and Relocation-Amsterdam did not disappoint. They are extremely personable and professional and seems to care about the needs and best interest of they clients. I would HIGHLY recommend them.

    Angie Melios - Artwork Manager - ESTEE LAUDER
  • Relocation-Amsterdam is very proactive and professional, from newsletter updates to the contract negotiation with landlords. I honestly didn’t think it was possible that quickly; but they made really a great job!

    Arnaud Ravoajanahary - Transaction Data Management - Rabobank


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